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Price List

These Prices can change depending on the Offer being Run please contact me via button below to find out what is on Offer and join my mailing list where all my loyal clients are given first peek at New treatments and Offers!!

AntiWrinkle Treatments

1 Area £160

2 Areas £200

3 Areas £240

Masseter £300

Excessive Sweating £300

Nefertiti Neck Lift £300

Advanced Areas  £40 add on
(Gummy, Bunny lines)

Dermal Fillers

Lip Filler £210

Facial Lines £210

(Nasal Labial, Marionette, Perioral, cannula use.)

Cheek Filler £250

Chin £250

Nose Filler £280

Jawline 1/2ml £250/£400

4ml Package £600

6ml Package £800

Skin Boosters

Seventy Hyal 1session/3sessions £100/£300

Hydro Deluxe1 session/3 sessions £160/£450

Profilho 1session/2 sessions £250/£500

Polynucleotides 1session/3sessions £210/£595

Plenhyage XL Strong 1session/3sessions £230/£650

Add on Aftercare £90

Add on Chemical Peel £50 per session

Chemical Peels

Blue Radiance Peel 1session/3sessions £80/£240

Enerpeel Salycic Acid 1session/3sessions £100/£280

Enerpeel Jessner Peel 1session/3sessions £120/£330

Enerpeel TCA Peel 1session/3sessions £150/£400

Add on Aftercare Blue Radiance Only £90



Microneedling 1 session/3 sessions £150/£400

Microneedling Chemical Peel 1/3 sessions £170/£480

Vampire Facial 1session/3 sessions £230/£630

Add on Aftercare £90



PRP Face 1session/3sessions £230/£630

PRP Hair 1session/3sessions £230/£630



Prevent £650

Tackles Facial Volume loss and  Skin Laxity.

Glow £760

Ultimate 6 week program  for Dry and Dull skin

Rejuvenate £1120

Treating the three layers of facial skin ageing looking at volume loss, fine lines and wrinkles.


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