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  • Do lip fillers hurt and do you use numbing cream?
    Pain can be managed in several ways by therapeutic techniques with distraction and music. You can choose to use a vibratory tool or also combine this with ice. All patients are offered topical numbing cream and given suitable time for it to work prior to treatment. Use of any of these techniques can bring about a painless treatment.
  • Can I have antiwrinkle treatments and fillers on the same day?
    The simple answer is yes. Once the treatment areas do not overlap. You can definitely sort out your 11’s then continue on to your first course of skin boosters. An example of when this is not possible is treating a pebbled chin with neuromodulators and then injecting for chin filler.
  • How long do lip fillers and antiwrinkle treatments last for?
    There's the textbook answer and the realistic answer. My favourite is the real world answer where factors surrounding your genetic makeup and lifestyle choices determine your treatment longevity for instance smoking and sun bed use. Then also the type of product used carries its own lasting period. Boring answer is dermal fillers last anywhere between 6months to 18months. Antiwrinkles or neuromodulators can last up to 12 weeks.
  • Do Aesthetics Treatments always have to look fake?
    This is so far from the truth. Having a really good Injector who is able to listen and deliver natural looking results is key. Some other factors to consider is does your injector understand proportions which are not only unique to your features, ethnic makeup and what is trending at the time. The selection of products and treatments for you can support a natural looking but rejuvenated aesthetic results.
  • Whats the difference between Antiwrinkle treatment and Fillers?
    Easiest way to understand this is using the term dynamic and static. Dynamic movement brought about by frowning and smiling creates skin lines. Use of antiwrinkle injections working on the acting muscle stops this movement and thus reduces and even prevents skin etching of lines. Static lines for instance where there is a depression that needs plumping and reduction dermal fillers is used. For instance the nose to mouth lines seen at rest over a lifetime of smiling.
  • Can I eat and drink as normal after treatments?
    Aftercare will be shared with you after every treatment and will be discussed at this point. The main No No is alcohol in the first 24 hours as this may cause increased bruising. Hot drinks after lip fillers should be avoided as well as this may affect the dermal filler composition. So a dry evening and Luke warm tea. Sorry!!
  • Can I expect any downtime and adverse reactions after my treatment?
    With any minimally invasive treatment especially with needles there is a risk of bruising, redness and swelling in area treated. Especially after dermal fillers which takes 2 weeks to settle down to its final result. Advice on aftercare is to be followed and to avoid planning any major events without taking this into consideration.
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